setting up my pool heater

  • Last Post 16 April 2020
Kens930s posted this 14 April 2020

I just purchased a new heater from you. I was suprised at how quick it arrived. it's a Raypac model 6450-TI-E. It's replacing a hayward HP-5-6-4 TCO. I removed the old heat pump and I am getting ready to wire up the new heat pump. However the pool pump is controlled by an intermatic pump timer. My question is the old heat pump had timer connections So it would know when the pump was running. The new one doesnt. How to do configure the new heat pump to run when the pump is on without changing out all the pump controls? I know the new heat pump will start and stop the pool pump but that would require replacing the current timer panel with something that had relays in it. How does the heat pump know if the pool pump is running or not? 

InyoRob posted this 16 April 2020

Raypak units are equipped with a 1 1/2 psi pressure switch that has to be satisfied before the heat pump will operate. Therefore, assuming that the heat pump is at the same level as the pool, the heat pump will not run without the pump moving water. If the unit is more than 3 feet below the level of the pool, then an external flow switch can be installed to ensure that it won't come on without the pump.  

If the installer is looking for a time clock override that turns the pool pump on when the heat pump calls for heat, then that needs to wired to a separate contactor at the panel. Raypak units do not have a built-in override. But, if you want the heat pump to operate when the pump is on, then the built-in pressure switch will accomplish that.  

Hope this helps. Have a great day.