Hi.  I have a hayward s244s sand filter.  I had a tiny bit of sand in the pool and figured I'd bought the house 5 years ago so why not change the sand and lateral assembly.  It was a lot of work because of the side mount but I got it done.   I used the recommended 300lbs of HTH pool sand.  Now when the pump starts in the morning it pushes sand out of both the regular and skimmer return.  about 2 cups?  But then it stops after a minute until the pump starts again the next day.  I did tthe change 4 days ago.  It looks like its a little less each day but hard to tell.  Does it sometimes take this long for some of the fine sand to leave the filter?  I really dont want to dig 300lbs of sand out again to check the laterals.  While I suspect its the laterals since it didnt seem to sit in the center and one may have been up a little the fact that it stops pushing sand after about a minute in the morning prompts me to ask some pros before I go in again.  Thanks for any direction!