Salt Water Pool Operation

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Smills posted this 24 May 2023

I have a 17,000 gallon pool.  I am installing a variable speed pump.  My previous operating mode was 24 hours (on all the time)..  As I get the VS pump installed, I am wondering if I need to operate the pump for 24 hours at a reduced speed.  I have a Pentair Intellichem system with an acid pump and I30 chlorinator.  If I do not run the system all day, should I turn the power off to the Intellichem system while the pump is off.  I have an Intermatic controller that has the ability to do that.  Thoughts?


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InyoRich posted this 24 May 2023

My first thought is - what percentage do you run your I30 at?  If you run it at 75% or higher you may not be able to have it adequately sanitize the pool if you run it for less time.  If you run it at 50% or lower, I would definitely have the pump (and IntelliChem) shut down for a good portion of the day.  You should not need to run your pool 24/7 - even with a variable-speed motor (though the VS motor will make it much less expensive to do so).

Smills posted this 24 May 2023

The i30 chlorination is linked through the intellichem and is is set on high sensitivity.  I run the set point at 690 orp setting.  It does not run most of the day but runs when the pool is open while in use or during cleaning.  We have a Coverstar full pool cover.  The ph control is also through the intellichem and is set a 6 oz dose max and no more than 50 oz in a 24 hr period.  It has proportional control base on a .2 deviation from set point.  It also does not run that much either.  I use a gallon of muriatic acid every two weeks.  My water quality stays very good because of the cover.  The cover is closed except for use or cleaning.

InyoRich posted this 25 May 2023

Sorry about that - my brain went in a different direction!  

There are a few theories with the IntelliChem and the pump, since some folks say the IntelliChem works better with a longer pump running time.  The bottom line: run it as much or as little as you are comfortable with.  You should not need to run it more than 8 hours a day (with at least 1 "turnover" of the water in your pool).  

Personally, I would shut everything down just for the energy savings and, if you only have the cover off when you are using it or cleaning it, I would really recommend cutting down on the pump run time.  Eight hours a day would be plenty.  Your pool probably uses very little chlorine (it has a cover and is not subject to the sun's UV rays to eat it up).  Your acid consumption would go down as well.  Having said that, there is also a theory that constant operation with a cover causes the chloramine gasses to build up a bit and drive the OPR down - but that level of chemistry goes over my head.  

If nothing else, less operation should equate to longer life for your equipment.  

Smills posted this 25 May 2023

Thanks for the response.  I will try various combinations.  I am going to install a Century EVQ165 Motor I purchased from Inyo Pools this weekend.  I know I am running it too fast.  There are several pre scheduled programs that look Ike they may work.  Again, thanks