Salt water pool in the Winter

  • Last Post 15 November 2018
tiger5050 posted this 13 November 2018

I keep my pool open all year in South Carolina and have a new Hayward system. What setting should the chlorinator be on if at all? I don't wait to tax my salt cell but temperature flucuate here from one day to the next.  I also use the floating tablets through the winter. Any suggestions about maintenance during the winter mosts?


InyoRob posted this 15 November 2018

The chlorine tabs should be sufficient until the spring. We would recommend turning the Aquarite off as well as removing the cell from the plumbing. A dummy cell can be put in place of the Hayward turbo cell until the temperatures increase and you need to turn the system back on.

PureLine Straight Pipe Placeholder - Dummy Cell For Turbo Cell - GLX-CELL-PIPE