I have a Hayward Filter with a Hayward Salt System (Cell T15), the pool was in new in Dec 2014, located in central Florida.  I have a Hayward Aqua Plus/Pro Logic System.

A few weeks ago I got an error message that no power was being sent to the salt cell.  I had the pool company out they said they the system main board burnt on the back, this is preventing the system from sending power to the salt cell.  The part was quoted as $1200 plus $100 in labour. 

I am trying to decide whether to switch to the pool to chlorine.  I replaced the salt cell in mid-2019.  

I have a few questions

1) Is it difficult to switch from salt to chlorine.  I  would want a chlorinator added, can they just add that near where the salt cell is now?
2) If I switch to chlorine are there any other obstables since there is salt in the pool?
3) What are the differences I will have with a chlorine pool compared to salt chlorine?
3) Even if I do switch to Chlorine, do I need to get this main board fixed anyway?  Can this burn also evenutually effect the operation of the rest of the system?  If I don't fix it and happen to sell the house would it pass inspection?

Thanks for any help