Salt pool chlorinator

  • Last Post 17 August 2021
Dave1726 posted this 17 August 2021

 I have a Jandy Salt system that I purchased in 2012. Replaced the Cl generator about 4 years ago (I'm guessing). We lost our bamboo in the Houston freeze and now the pool is getting a lot more sun. I had been running the pool with 50% Cl for about 8 hr daily. We were gone for 9 days and the pool turned green. I have tried running the pool with 100% Cl for last 4 days and am still not showing Cl on test kit. The RS8 shows 100% generation, 2700 salt, no service light, flow, .....etc. The separate in-line module going to the salt cell shows power and appears normal.

I read that in some cases if the algae gets established that it will "quench" the Cl and that a big "chlorine shock" is needed. 

Is it likely that the Cl generator is working properly based on all the indicators I've listed above.



Dave Dennison, Houston

InyoRob posted this 17 August 2021

Hello Dave - It could be a case where the salt system can't produce enough chlorine to kill the algae and establish a good chlorine level. My suggestion would be to clear up the pool using liquid or granular shock. Then test the pool after a few days to see if the salt system is maintaining the chlorine level.