Salt Level Dropping

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SuzanneE posted this 15 May 2018

I had my pool at 2800 and everything is working fine (generating light on, no check cell or salt light on) - which i know is low and was going to add more salt.  I then check it on mon morning and it drops to 1600; I added two bags last night and got it up to a whopping 2000! I will add two more bags and keep piecemealing until i get it to 3000  but why the sudden drop?  

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carlm21 posted this 05 June 2018

good one thanks for this

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InyoRob posted this 30 May 2018

We're glad to hear it is working properly again. The average lifespan is 3-5 years but it could last longer if the cell is not being used all year long or if it was oversized for the pool.

SuzanneE posted this 30 May 2018

Update - I was able to clean the cell and add more salt to pool; all is good.  We are registered at 3200 for a 30k gallon pool.  Thank you for your guidance.  Our cell is going on 4 years so I am wondering if this is the last year for it.  Thank you for your guidance!


InyoRob posted this 15 May 2018

You're welcome. Good luck!

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SuzanneE posted this 15 May 2018

I have not cleaned the cell but will do that first and will then get a read prior to putting salt in the pool.  thank you


InyoRob posted this 15 May 2018

Hello Suzanne - Unless you've drained water and refilled, your salt level should not have dropped. Have you cleaned the cell lately?

When a salt cell is starting to go bad, it will send incorrect readings back to the control box.