Salt, Chlorine or Bromine for above ground

  • Last Post 21 October 2019
jscott82 posted this 21 October 2019

We are looking to purchase a replacement pool for a house we have recently moved into. There is an 18x36 above ground pool we are tearing down and will replace in the spring. I'd love to get a salt water system. However, I'm curious if that's the most economical option long term. The pool has a deck that completly surrounds it on all sides. The deck comes right up to the back of the house and extends the entire length of the house! It's a very nice set up, but one pool guy we talked to said that some people experience rust with salt water pools when it's too close to metal. We're concerned about the gutters on the house and maybe even the doors and windows becoming rusted with the pool that close.

The other options of corse are bromine and chlorine. With this type of set-up, which pool would be best and would have the least amount of damage to the house or surrounding deck area? Thanks for all your help!

InyoRob posted this 21 October 2019

If there is metal around the pool, I'd shy away from the salt systems. I would go with chlorine over bromine. Chlorine is much cheaper than bromine. Bromine is only typically used in spas because it holds up better in higher water temperatures.