Return jets stop after a hour

  • Last Post 10 May 2020
Michaelp posted this 10 May 2020

I need some help ! My pool return jets always seem to stop working after about an hour or so. I cleaned my entire filter system yesterday. I shut filter down - backwash for a min (water is clear through backwash ) turn it back on and the same thing happens again.  It's a never ending cycle. The pump doesn't loose all of its prime but it does drop considerably. After the backwash the basket fills right up. 
left filter on over night last night . And this morning low water in basket an no water circulating out of the return ports !! Help !! 

InyoRob posted this 10 May 2020

There could be several reasons why this is happening. I recommend reading the following article and watching the video posted below. 

Click Here to Read "Why Are My Pool Jets Not Working?"