I currently have an indoor pool and have been slowly replacing equipment as I can replace it, 20+ years old, in a home that was abandoned for 3+ years.  I am down to just the pump, which even after being re-sealed locally twice is now approaching the cost of replacement in maintenance in just 2 years.  

I recently replaced the filter housing with : Clean & Clear RP Cartridge Filter 100 sqft. - 160354 which is working great.

This is a Teel 4RJ93 with the specs: 1HP, Volts 115/230, Max Amps 15.3/7.6, single speed.  I'm looking for something quieter, possibly multi-speed or variable speed to replace it.

The system we have is a Pentair Intellitouch so I'm hoping to utilize some of Pentairs featurs to filter the pool at lower speeds and save $ on electricity.

Thank you for your suggestions.