Replacement pool pump

  • Last Post 13 August 2021
texaspool posted this 08 August 2021

I have a Eco-pump with a 2.7 variable speed motor (ECM27SQU)  with 2" ports that I purchased from you a long time ago.  The motor is starting to make a grinding noise so I believe I need to replace it.  My pool is roughly 15-20K gallons.  What is the best recommended replacement, and, do I actually need a 2.7 HP motor for a pool this size?


InyoRob posted this 13 August 2021

I would recommend staying with the ECM27SQU. If you downsize the motor, you'll have to replace the impeller and possibly the diffuser.

It's hard to say for sure if it is oversized but generally, these aren't considered oversized because you don't have to run the pump at the highest speeds. We'd have to know the feet of head and the pump model to see if the 1.65 would work. 

How to Calculate Feet of Head