Replacement Parts for Century 2.0 HP motor and Jandy Stealth SHPF2.0 Pump

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JConnollly posted this 29 June 2022

I have an extremely similar question to this May 2019 thread on replacement parts.

Have the exact same motor from the question in the thread above (Century Centurion 2.0 HP, Part No. 7-193995-07) so the answer is clear that my replacement motor needed is model B2843

However, I have a slightly different pump than the May 2019 thread above and have a Jandy Stealth Model SHPF2.0, Serial No. J06FI2000.

I can tell that I need and should replace the Shaft Seal and believe this is the correct shaft seal.

However, would like to know what Backplate O-ring and Diffuser/Impeller Hardware I need for the SHPF2.0 pump listed above, as well as any other equipment for a motor replacement.

I have attached pictures of both the motor and pump nameplates for reference below. 

Thanks for any and all help.

Motor Nameplate (Century 2.0 HP)Pump Nameplate (Jandy SHPF2.0)

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InyoRich posted this 30 June 2022

 Hi J, the Pump Shaft Seal 3/4" - R0445500 is the correct motor shaft seal for your pump, judging by the serial number.  This Backplate O-Ring O-521 and the Diffuser/Impeller Hardware - R0446500 should be the only other items you will need.  You may also want to get some lubricant to keep the o-rings sealed and serviceable for a long time if you don't already have some.  

Be sure to check our article How To Replace a Pool Motor Shaft Seal for some helpful tips (one helpful hint: don't touch the sealing surfaces with your bare fingers.  The oils in your skin can degrade them)

JConnollly posted this 30 June 2022

Excellent, thank you. I was working through the exploded view of the Jandy Stealth SHPF2.0 on the INYOPools website and came up with the same part numbers, kits and other potential replacement parts as well. Thank you for the quick response.