I am upgradeing my pool this spring with a new vgreen pump motor for my fairly new Superpump, replacing all the seals to Viton type for better resistance to chemicals. New Waterco multicylcone 12 Ultra filter to replace the Hayward 24" sand filter. New seals also in Hayward 6060 boster pump for my Polaris 380 cleaner which has been rebuild too. My question is, I would like to dispose of the salt system, I love the water but it creates so many problems with equipment due to corrision. I am installing a zinc sacrafical anode but that does not fix ti all. Plus I have a CoverStar automatic pool cover which has held up well but the risk and cost to replace is just too high. What would you choose as the best all around replacement for a salt system. I also have a Hayward off line chlorine infuser and it a 27000 galllon gunite, in-ground pool. Thanks for you input!