I've seen several posts similar to this, but not quite what i'm looking for.

  • Pool = 25,000 Gallons;
  • Panel = Easytouch 8 (2 spare circuits);
  • Filter = CCP520 Cartridge with 150 GPM flow Rate;
  • 1.5 HP motor 208-230 60Hz 3460 RPM connected to a WF-28 pump (2014 vintage). 

The inlet to the pump comes from a manifold that is connected to four (4) suction lines.  Three (3) are 2" suction lines (2 from the skimmers, 1 from the pool) and the 4th is a 2-1/2" line from the spa.  The inlet to the pump is 2" and the outlet to the filter is 2".  I'm not sure of the benifit to increase the manifold to 2-1/2", but it's an option.

The pump motor died and i'd like to replace it with a variable speed motor but be able to control it from the EasyTouch as I believe it supports it.

A previous post suggesting replacing the motor with a 2.7HP variable speed motor (model number ECM27SQU) but stated that the speed changes would have to be made at the pump.  I noticed that there is a V-Green Automation Adapter Kit - 2517501-001, which seems to allow connecting it to the Easytouch.


  • Is V-Green Adaptor Kit the way to go when controlling the pump from my Easytouch?
  • What is the warranty period (Documentation states 1 year unless it's a "E-Plus 3", with is 2 years?