Replace pump motor or buy new pump/motor

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MisterFixit posted this 18 November 2016

We had our pool installed in 1999 and still had the original pump/motor combination until a month ago. The unit is a Jucuzzi Magnum Force Plus (1.5Hp) pump assembly that I believe the model number on the case says 15TMP-52. I cant be certain on the last two digits being 52, its almost gone off of the sticker.

Although the motor is a 2 speed unit, we never used it at the lower speed. Last season, the pump started leaking and I decided as a winter project to replace the bearings and seals. Because of the severe corrosion in the unit, I had to destroy the impellor to get it off. Also, one of the case motor thru bolts sheared off while trying to remove the armature. My question, is as follows. Would I be better off buying a new Jacuzzi pump and motor such as the 1.5HP Magnum force or buy a replacement motor, seals, impeller, capacitor, etc. and rebuild my exisiting unit. If I purchased the replacement motor from you, will it be able to adapt with the seal housing, and motor support to mount to my 18 year old magnum body. If it helps you, the name plate on the motor says: Magnetek.  1081 Pool Pump Duty Mount Horiz with Ve    Holes down. Serial Number BP11-227, Type CXPM.  Frame:Y56J.  I hope that this is enough information regarding my motor for you to assist me.


Thank you

Herman Kozub

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InyoAlan posted this 18 November 2016

Hello Herman,

I would strongly advise purchasing a new pump. Although it may be slightly more cost effective to replace the motor and parts, they are strictly replacement parts, wheras a new pump is new and less likely to have issues. You can replace the pump with the 1.5Hp Magnum Force, but please note that there is no guarentee the piping will match up exactly unless it is the EXACT same model, and it appears the one you have is not sold on our website as I am not able to find any corresponding unit with the same model number you provided. Another choice in pump may need a slight replumbing of the pump fittings upon installation.

Thank you,

Inyo Alan

kuchamr posted this 26 March 2020

The pool pump we have is Jacuzzi Magnum. The motor was replaced once, but I can't see what model it is. Now the motor is making a lot of noise and want to replace it, again. Probably it worked for quite a few years. Don't recall exactly.

Pool size is about 7000 - 8000 gallons approximately, and I am assuming 1 HP should be sufficient.

I have two questions

1) Does PL1102 fit this Jacuzze Magnum? What is the 2 speed version of it, if I want to have 2 speed motor?

2) Do you suggest a replacement pump, instead of motor? What are the options for this and how much it costs for new pump?

3) If we go with motor replacement, what is the warranty on motor and what is return policy?

Please advise,