Replace pump motor (again) or upgrade pump?

  • Last Post 14 April 2020
Steve0 posted this 14 April 2020

Hi! We have an older, small-ish gunite pool (16K +/-) with an aged Pentair Challenger pump (model? tag remnant shows 1HP), on which I replaced the original(?) motor (1.5HP Century B2854) 2-3 years ago. I installed a new seal and o-ring kit, with no apparent leaks. The bearings are now sounding completely shot (quite loud). We live in Corpus Christi, with loads of humidity and salt-ish air. Is there a ds or vs pump upgrade that might make more sense than replacing the motor... again? Hayward S244T very likely needs sand replacement, and 1.5" plumbing needs unions! Oh, and I don’t really know whether the impeller or diffuser were ever replaced. Thanks.

InyoRob posted this 14 April 2020

I would replace the motor unless the pump housing is in bad shape. We would recommend the ECM16SQU motor. That is a 1.65HP variable speed motor. We'd also recommend using the heavy-duty shaft seal, part number 5250-210. The impeller and diffuser do not usually need to be replaced unless they are damaged.

The 1.5" slip x 1.5" mpt unions for the sand filter is part number 9170-04B.

Click Here to View the ECM16SQU Motor

Click Here to View the Heavy-Duty Challenger Shaft Seal

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