Replace pool filter and pump

  • Last Post 11 September 2018
WangHL posted this 10 September 2018


My pool need a major re-surfacing project; and since my current pump and filter have been used for a while; I am considering to replace the entire system.

Currently having a 1.5HP Hayward 110V single speed pump; and DE4820 Hayward filter.

I am considering to replace the single speed pump with 220V Varied Frequency Pump to save energy cost.

And I spotted Hayward selling the the Swimclear Cartridge type filter.  Reason I am considering switching over to Cartridge type is the cleaning of DE filter will generate lots of dirty DE waste; which I have no idea where to clean the filter the best without dealing with these wastes.  

My pool is a 22,000 Gallon in ground pool.  Is there any good suggestion? And what are the pros & cons of using the cartridge type filter.  Based on a brief research and calculationg, I found the varied Frequency pump to use in my case must generate minimum 60~70psi for cleaning the pool in 8hr period.  But the Cartridge type filter can only take a maximum water pressure at 50psi.  Would this be a problem to combine them in my search for solutions?



InyoRob posted this 11 September 2018

Hello Wang - Thank you for contacting Inyo. The variable frequency pump that we recommend would be Pentair Intelliflo model 011012. This has a 3HP 230V motor.

As far as the cartridge filter, we recommend the Hayward SwimClear model C3030. This filter will not have any issues working with your pump if it is scheduled to turn the water over in 8 hours.