PureLine Prime Pool Pump 1 HP Leak

  • Last Post 27 May 2020
Balldguy posted this 25 May 2020

I have a 1 year old PureLine Prime Pool Pump 1 HP I purchased last year here and it has a leak under it. I am not sure but it might be around where the pump attaches. Can anyone offer any ideas or tips to fix this?

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lwfri1 posted this 25 May 2020

You need to isolate the leak source. Could be pump housing cracked, drain plugs leaking, or pump seal. If the housing is cracked or the pump seal is leaking some disassembly will be required.

Balldguy posted this 26 May 2020

Well now I have another issue. After disconnecting it from the water lines to look under it and reattaching everything it's not pumping water. It's running but not pumping.

lwfri1 posted this 26 May 2020

Have you primed the pump fully? Also need to look for air leaks on inlet side of pump, retun line and top pump cover?

Balldguy posted this 27 May 2020

I found a small leak on one water connection from the pump, had to tighten that. I than got it to work. Totally excited. Still has a leak from the bottom somewhere not sure. I took a video.  NOW this morning it won't pump again!!! What can change over night?