Pureline PL1601 - Pump Motor Bearings - Which Ones to Buy?

  • Last Post 05 September 2018
Herbert posted this 04 September 2018

Please let me know which bearings to order for my Pureline PL1601 1.5 HP pump motor.  I assume that you carry them.  

Pureline PL1601 pump assembly (PL1135 motor bearings)  I never got an answer on this so I tore my motor apart and got the bearing numbers.  This motor uses two bearings labeled HCH part number 6203-2RZ in case you need this information.  You’ll need a three jaw puller to remove them from the rotor shaft.

InyoRob posted this 05 September 2018

The replacement bearings are in stock. The part number is 5270-31.