I have a pool that has a Pentair variable speed pump and an Atlantis2 1/2 hp 1750 pump for a waterfall.  Last week I flooded my pumphouse with 8" of water and submersed both pumps.  The Pentair came back to life after drying out but the pump for the waterfall does not work.  Can you recommend a replacement pump for the waterfall?  I'm kind of partial to the Pentair since it survived the flooding but I'm open to other suggestions.

I also had a Pentair heater that was flooded.  I've not been able to test it yet.  Do you think it survived the flood?

I'm also interested in how to get rid of my algae bloom.  This is an all 10,000 gallon all natural swimming pool with plants (think cement koi pond for swimming) and we're having an algae problem.  We've found that 34% hydrogen peroxide works well but it's hard to find and about $25 / gallon.  I have an ionizer but don't have any UV light.

Thanks for your help.