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WayneDavis posted this 11 October 2019

I am replacing a pool pump and am confused over the whole process.  A friend is doing the installation and tells me that the pump must have 2" pipe fitting because that's what my pool has.  Most of the VS pumps I've seen have 1.5 " fittings.  I know an adapter can be found but wonder if this is the wrong way to go.  It's an old inground full size (no measurements) chlorine with a sand filter.


Thank you.

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WayneDavis posted this 11 October 2019

I gave up on this temporarily and bought a replacement motor, the UQC1102 single speed, supposedly energy efficient.  I hope it will make a difference but no one has been able to tell me if it really will. I would definitely appreciate any information on that.

I only have 115 power to the pump now, that's my main problem.  I'm going to have it wired for 230 soon and then will decide if I'm going to go to a VS pump then or wait.  The only VS pump I found for 115 was the Pentair Superflo VS with a 1.5" port and after reading about their warranty policy didn't want one of theirs.

I'm  just trying to learn about all this.  Last week I knew nothing about pool pumps and thought that the old single speed pump didn't use much electricity.  I was shocked to learn how wrong I was.  I'm in Gainesville FL on GRU power so lowering usage is important.

I went with another single speed pump because I have to replace one with bad bearings and couldn't handle any more confusion.  I've been getting incomplete and conflicting information from other pool suppliers.  If I had called you or gone to your website earlier I would have had all this sorted out right away.

By the way, I got the new motor from you.  It was delivered 27 hours after I placed the order.  Even though we're both in Florida that's outstanding.


InyoRob posted this 11 October 2019

There may be an issue if you go with a larger HP variable speed pump and run it on high. However, most of the VS pumps have 2" ports. What is the HP and SF (service factor) of your current pump?