Pressure keeps going up

  • Last Post 12 June 2021
Mikeneedshelp posted this 08 June 2021


I have D.E Hayward 4820 filter, bought new grids (SuperPro brand) and put recommended DE amount in and my problem is the pressure keeps going up 20-25 psi. after being on for couple hrs, when running on filter mode. There’s no evidence of air leaks on the suction side. I checked everything possible and still can’t understand why pressure keeps going up. There’s no air building up in the top of the filter. Any help is appreciated thank you. 

Service posted this 12 June 2021

Hi Mike,

I would watch our Video on How to Reduce High Pressure in Swimming Pool Systems also this Video on Common Pool Plumbing Mistakes  Could you also post a few photos of your pool equipment set up to show your plumbing? 

Thank You