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  • Last Post 02 August 2020
Lebo1717 posted this 02 August 2020

I just got a new centruy pump motor. It didn't come with a power cord. I took the cord off the old motor to use on the new one but the set up is different. There are no wiring instructions so i'm not sure where each wire goes.

I wired it according to a video I watched. When plugged in it spins and hums smoothly but once attached to the pool it speeds up and slows down. The hose from the pool shrinks and expands. Someone that thought they knew what they were doing rewired it but got the same results.

I desperatley need help. My pool is turning green.



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Amwilson10478 posted this 02 August 2020

I'm no electrician, but the motor has the wiring instructions on the top of it.  I am assuming the power is 110/120 volts based on the coloring of the wiring on the power cord.  Do you have a meter to measure the volts between your black wire and white wire?

At the top of the name plate is show "low voltage" wiring for 110/120volts and "high voltage" wiring for 220/240volts.  You follow the scheamtics based on your power source.  If you had put 220/240volts to the 110/120volt windings of the motor you would have smoked the motor in a matter of minutes.  if you put the 110/120volts to the 220/240volt windings, the motor would run at half speed and may pulse as you were describing.

Amwilson10478 posted this 02 August 2020

it took a bit for me to find the motor's white wire with the black tracer on terminal 3.  You're motor is wired correctly if it is being powered by 220/240 volts (or 230volts as the name plate shows).  The bigger question will be what is powering it.  

if you don't have a meter, is the breaker in the panel or sub-panel a dual breaker or single breaker?