Pool system

  • Last Post 08 October 2021
22Stix22 posted this 07 October 2021

Looking for 100gpm. cartridge housing for inground pool

InyoRob posted this 08 October 2021

We have a couple of filter options that can handle 100 gpm. A single cartridge filter option would be the Waterway PCCF-200. It's a 200 square foot cartridge filter with a max flow rate of 125gpm.

The other option is a quad cartridge filter, the Waterway Crystal Water 325. It has a max flow rate of 150 gpm. The nice thing about the quad cartridge system is that it can hold more debris and doesn't have to be cleaned as often as the single cartridge system.

Waterway ProClean Plus 200 sqft Pool Cartridge Filter - PCCF-200Waterway Crystal Water 325 sqft Pool Cartridge Filter - 570-0325-07