Pool pump questions

  • Last Post 07 February 2023
nadolguna posted this 07 February 2023

Just moved to home with a pool. Previous owner ran a 1hp Hayward super pump 24hrs a day 365. Pump started squealing (not loud but irritating) within a month of purchasing. I presume it is either the motor or pump bearings. Should I replace both or how can I figure out if it is the motor or pump that is causing the squeal?

InyoRich posted this 07 February 2023

Generally, the bearings are what is causing the annoying high-pitched squeal.  You can replace the bearings or the motor - the choice is up to you.  If the motor looks old and rusty, I would replace it.  If it looks relatively new and you have the tools and the time, replace the bearings.  

Our article on Replace the Motor or the Bearings? has a few other points to consider.  Whatever you do, be sure to get a Tune-Up Kit for a leak-free installation. We have plenty of bearings and replacement motors and we are happy to help you find whatever you need.  Send us pictures of the pump and the motor and any labels on it if you have any doubts so we can find you the necessary parts.