I am trying to help a customer whose pool is beginning to rust away. I have a part number for the two part top caps, 23140B and 23100A. I know that it is a Vogue pool and that it is at least 15 years old. I didn't measure but it appears to be a 15 X 30. He needs to replace all 24 top plates, the 10 short top rails (30 3/8" X 8") that make up the sides of the pool, and the 14 longer top rails (51 3/4" X 8") that form the curved ends. He also needs to replace all of the stabilizers. I have included pictures of the side wall of the pool so you can see the pattern and upright, as well as a picture of the top seat so you can see the pattern and level of disintegration. Any help that you can provide would be appreciated!!