Pool Liner

  • Last Post 01 June 2023
Meister5 posted this 01 June 2023

 I purchased an 18x33 oval pool liner and discovered my pool is actually 18x34.  I did a CHAT with inyo and was told that the liner has a 3 foot stretch.  After trying to install for a few hours, the liner does not stretch.  The liner is actually only 31.5 ft long.  Has anybody else been successful in stretching a liner a few feet?  Thanks

InyoRich posted this 01 June 2023

That might stretch enough and it should work if you are installing it as a J-Hook liner (and installing it on a warm, sunny day).  We would recommend "dividing" the liner up and installing a short section at the12;00. 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00 positions and then installing it the rest of the way along the quadrants.  Give it a shot and see how that works.  A 33' liner should be able to make it.  

This method also allows the stretch to be distributed evenly around the pool rather than clumped into one section.