Pool Heater

  • Last Post 30 November 2020
smwander posted this 27 November 2020



We need to replace a heat pump (SQ175 AQUA CAL Super Quiet 143,000 BTU's) withanother energy efficient product.

What would you recommened for us?

Pool has avout 1200sqt area, about 50,000 gals, shallow (mostly 4.5' deep and some 12"). Air tempearture ranges between 70 and 85F.

Is there an electric pool heater that would be suitable?

Thank you,


InyoRob posted this 30 November 2020

Heat pumps are much more energy-efficient than the pure electric style heaters. AquaCal still makes the most energy-efficient model. You can determine the energy-efficiency by looking at the COP (coefficient of performance) which includes being rated by the water temp/ ambient air/ relative humidity. The higher the COP, the more efficient the heat pump.

The AquaCal SQ225 is rated at 6.5 COP when water temp, ambient air, and relative humidity are 80/80/80. Click Here to View More Details on the AquaCal SQ225

Another model that is close is the Raypak Classic Series R8450TI-E. At 80/80/80, the Raypak has a 5.6 COP rating. Click Here to View More Details on the Raypak model R8450TI-E