Please suggest a Weir Door and instructions for installation

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xs2meme posted this 06 August 2020

I moved to a new house and have a pool for the first time in my life. I have learned just this morning that I am missing the weir door on my skimmer which is a Kafko Equator - Model KP skimmer.

This is what the entrance to the skimmer looks like where the door would go:

I can see the weir door +/ conversion kit in the parts list linked above but I have no idea which one to buy and how to install it. Some other posts also have suggestions about universal spring loaded doors.

I can play around with tools a wee bit but I am not extremely handy. However, this looks like something I could manage if I had more guidance.

  • Could someone please suggest which Weir Door I should buy?
  • Should I buy the manufacturer original or one of the universal spring loaded doors?
  • How do I install the (recommended) weir door?

Thank you in advance!

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InyoRob posted this 21 August 2020

The easiest one to install is the universal spring-loaded weir. You simply move the door into the location of the old door and pull the pin. The part number for that is 4702-10. Click Here to View More Details

Aladdin Weir, Universal Spring Loaded 8-3/8" - 25141-440-000

xs2meme posted this 10 August 2020

Hello, are there any experts who can weigh in on this? I apologize for posting again but I would really appreciate any advice!