Picking a pool pump

  • Last Post 28 August 2021
JonAFaulkner posted this 28 August 2021

I have an 8,000 gallon fiberglass pool with a Raypak 65-1 Crosswinds Heat Pump, a Hayward Aqua Rite with a Hayward Turbo Cell 15 for salt generation and a Hayward ProSeries Sand Filter with 20 GPM Filtration Rate, a 52 GPM Flow Rate, Model S220T. I calculate the Head Rate at 30 but think if it is 40 we are safe. Currently it has a 1.5 HP Jaypak that I run 24 hours per day (the controller was set that way when I bought the house). I am looking for the lowest TOTAL cost (up front and operating) way to run the pool with a long run cycle as the heat pump works best with long heating cycles.

We maintain the pool at 90 degrees for my wife's health. My pump has gone bad and I do not know if I should get a 1 HP fixed speed or a variable speed pump.  Long term I would like to hook the heater and the pump together as the heater has the capability to be on a controller. What pump do you recommend? Is there a controller that makes sense for a small pool as well? I prefer Hayward equipment as it all has held up well over 15 years. Only the pump has gone bad. I also need it in a hurry!

JonAFaulkner posted this 28 August 2021

I forgot, it is an inground pool.