pentair VS pumps

  • Last Post 05 December 2018
JAMMER posted this 05 December 2018

 Current equipment Whisperflo 2HP pump with a  BP460 booster pump all running thru a FNS+48 DE Filter system, with 2 in piping etc. all run  thru two mechanical timers 1 for the filter, other for the booster.   Want to replace the system with a VS pump. I was looking at the 3HP intelliflo, but I think I will need to go to the next larger size of DE filter to account for the greater GPM. or dial the pressure down on the pump.  The other option from Pentair is to use the  intellifol VS I2 #011060 which is the 2hp version of the same pump,  My biggest deciding factor is the boost pump.  Will it work with the Intelliflo pumps, or would it be possible to use the 3HP model, and eliminate the boost pump altogether?  If the boost pump is used I assume it will be wired using the existing timer and  set to run in conjunction intellipflows electronic timer as it needs to have power constantly on . Suggestsions 

InyoRob posted this 05 December 2018

Hello Jammer - Thank you for contacting Inyo. Neither pump will eliminate the booster pump. The booster pump is designed to produce a higher PSI than the pool pumps. You could go with either Intelliflo pump and keep the same filter. On the 3HP, you'd want to set the maximum RPM a little lower.

As far as the booster pump wiring, it would be connected to the existing timer and set to run while the main pump is on.