I recently moved into a home with a pool. I notcied that the glass lens was removed from the pool light housing. I found a brand new Pentair pool light w/ cord (P/N 78458100) boxed in the garage. The specs are as follows: AM SS 500W 120V 50'.There was also a small bulb and a Magic Lighting Remote Controller.in the box. The remote does not appear to be brand new. As for the bulb, I am unsure.

My goal is to install a Color changing LED bulb into this housing. However, I'm not sure what bulbs are compatable. I would prefer another remote option as I do not want to wire a controller. Or if the lights cycled thru colors that would be ok. My pool is about 15K gallons. I would assume a wide projection bulb would look best based on the light housing location.

Any suggestions for bulb replacement? Or do I need to purchase another light assembly. If so, what do yall recommend?