I recently did some maintenance on my Pentair Legand Platinum pool sweep.  I replaced the front wheel bearings and the gear pin, and replaced the rubber tubes inside that direct the water to the debris venturis and rear jets.  Now, my pool sweep spends more time floating, cleaning the sides, and tieing itself in a knot.  I discovered that in the time the unit was out of the water the debris venturis themselves were clogged so I also replaced them, but still the pool sweep does not stay on the bottom of the pool like it used to.  I thought maybe there was air in the unit so I spent time  taking everthing apart underwater and making sure that any air was gone, but it is still not working properly. I have fooled with where the jets are pointing, but none of that really seems to effect much of anything. I am really trying to not have to purchase a new unit, would appreciate any ideas y'all could provide!


Austin, Texas