Parts to winterize my above the ground pool

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GerryS posted this 03 September 2020



I need to know what parts should I get to prepare my pool for winter, specifally for the skimmer and the return,    I found these part #s in your website but I am not sure if they are the correct one,  part# NW400 and AQ1090.

Also my filter(W. Cooper) is leaking through the drain cap, it doesn't have any gasket, I found this part 4770-07. Could be the correct one?

And my pump is algo leaking, someone told me could be the shaft seal, but not sure. 

The measures of the skimmer are 8.25in x 8in  Outside,  5.75 x 5.5 Inside.

Here are some photos.

Thanks you for your help.SkimmerReturnFilter CapFilterPump

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InyoRob posted this 04 September 2020

1) Yes, part number NW400/AQ400 does appear to be the correct Aquador for your skimmer. Click Here to View the Skimmer Aquador

2) Part number 4770-07 is the correct drain cap gasket if you have the 16" or 18" diameter tank. It's tough to tell from the picture. Part number 4770-07A would be the correct one for 21" or 25" diameter.

3) Do you have a picture of the front portion of the pump with the lid? That will help me ID the model.

GerryS posted this 04 September 2020

 I will get the pict of the pump, but from the previous pict that I attached I got all the information, let me know if this helps, about the filter I have a pict of a label,  it doesn't say the size but it has something that it appears like a serial number (#25505)


InyoRob posted this 04 September 2020

I was unable to cross-reference 25505. As far as the filter size, take a measuring tape and measure the diameter of the tank. 

Unfortunately, the motor label doesn't tell me the make and model of the pump. The Emerson motors are used on several models.

GerryS posted this 04 September 2020

Sorry I gave you the wrong pict,  here is the model info:

Maker: T Series W. Cooper Inc

Model: T2 200SPL

HP: 2.25

Voltage: 115v

Max Amp.10.33.8,

Also I tried to measure the tank and it was kind of dificul to get the exact measure but it is between 21-25"

InyoRob posted this 04 September 2020

The part number for the W. Cooper T-Series shaft seal is 7200. Unfortunately, that is no longer available and we do not have a suggested replacement. 

Based on your estimated measurements, the drain cap gasket for the filter is part number 4770-07A.

GerryS posted this 04 September 2020

 Thank you for all your help!

InyoRob posted this 04 September 2020

You're welcome. Have a great weekend!

GerryS posted this 04 September 2020

 I forgot to ask, is part NW310 the correct one for the return?,   also when closing the pool if I am going to use all these parts, I don't need to lower the water below the return and the skimmer, correct?.  Thanks again.