15x30 pool; Each straight side post has a buttress, and, has a 2 inch wide metal strap that runs from the buttress end, through the post bottom plate, across the bottom, through the corresponding bottom plate on the other side, and is secured to that post's buttress end. There are  6 post on each straight side with a butress.  The PROBLEM;  one of these metal straps rusted through, and broke!!  It broke on the outside of the pool, (not under it).  So, I'm thinking of repairing the broken strap, by over-lapping a new 30 inch piece of strap to just beyond  where it broke, and bolting them together....  then, with the water out,  use a 'come-along' to pull the post back to vertical,  then secure the end of the new section of strap to it's buttress.  Do you think this will be safe?  Can you folks think of another solution?.. OR, should I forget tryng to repair it this way, and take the pool apart, buy the parts needed, or maybe remove it,  Thanks for any input!