Omnilogic issue

  • Last Post 18 December 2018
a3po911 posted this 03 August 2018

I just installed Omnilogic system for my pool, which includes wirless remote, HL-CHEM with Co2 system and Turbo-cell 15.
So far everything looks working good, excepts two problems as below:
1, Web server control doesn't display balance and survey value, including hardness, alkalinity, stabilizer, anyone knows how to fix it? (MSP firmware version 2.00)
2, Wireless remote always showing "no connection" even under 90% wifi signal.

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DavidInAUS posted this 16 December 2018

HI a3po911


DId you fidn an answer toi this? I've had OminiLogic installed and my installer couldn't tell me either?

InyoLennox posted this 18 December 2018

Good Day a3po911.

The HL-Chem system only monitors your ORP (sanitizer activity) and pH levels.

1. You will have to input those valves as you get your water tested to allow the system to work more efficiently. 

2. The wireless remote will only connect when in use. 

I hope this helps you and others.