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MichaelW2020 posted this 20 September 2020


I had a leak in my pool liner and one night my pool was not pulling any water and the pump got very hot. I got the leak fixed, but the pump will not pull any water. I have re-plumbed everything at the pump in case there was a leak but no luck, I then replaced the impeller and all internal seals. Still not getting prime. My question is, do I need to replace the motor? It sounds ok but I do not know what else could be the problem. 

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InyoRob posted this 21 September 2020

The motors usually run or they don't. That likely isn't the problem with the priming. The heat could have damaged other parts of the pump. Did you replace the pump lid o-ring?

What is the make and model of the pump?

MichaelW2020 posted this 21 September 2020

My pump is a Hayward SP2610X15. I started by replumbing all of my inlet lines in case of a leak, I then replaced the impeller, the diffuser and all internal seals and gaskets. I tried manually priming and I get a little flow but not much. I also do not feel the the "kick"(for lack of a better word) that I usually feel if I close an inlet line and reopen it with the pump running. I just don't feel like I'm getting a lot of suction. If I take the basket out and place my hand over the hole going to the impeller,  I hardly feel any suction at all. Thanks for any help  

InyoRob posted this 22 September 2020

The lid or the housing itself could have been damaged from the heat. This would allow air to enter the pump and cause it not to prime.

The motor for the SP2610X15 is model UST1152.

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MichaelW2020 posted this 22 September 2020

I covered the housing in soapy water and blew aiir into it through the inlet port but I didn't see any sign of air leakage. This thing has me at my wits end. Thanks

InyoRob posted this 22 September 2020

Assuming none of the suction lines are clogged, it has to be something at the pump. Come back and let us know how the priming issue gets resolved.

sophiamartin posted this 24 September 2020


MichaelW2020 posted this 4 weeks ago


The problem must have been with the pump housing. I replaced it and now all is good. I'm still not sure where the damage is on the old housing. I'm just glad to have this problem behind me.


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InyoRob posted this 3 weeks ago

Thank you for the update. The pump housing must have been slightly warped from the heat caused by running dry. We're glad you were able to diagnose the problem.