New VS Pump and SWG

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kfinke posted this 18 April 2018

I'm planning on buying a new VS pump and new SWG.  About to order the Pureline VS2.7HP and the Pureline 60K SWG.  I have a 34K pool, guess on TDH is 40. 

I currently have a 1.5 single speed pump.  Some pics attached. 

Are these the right items?

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InyoRob posted this 18 April 2018

Hello Kfinke - The 2.7HP Prime VS pump and the 60k Crystal Pure would be excellent choices for your pool.

The 1.65HP Prime VS pump would be closer to your current 1.5HP. However, you'd be giving up features like the built-in timer and Aux load if you choose the 1.65 Prime VS.

kfinke posted this 18 April 2018

Yes, I'm planning on using the timer!  I was going to have a timer installed for my existing pump when I learned about the savings a VS pump could give me.  By the aux load feature, do you mean the ability to plug in another device, such as  the SWG?  I was hoping for that as well.

InyoRob posted this 18 April 2018

That's exactly what the Aux is there for. It's ideal for connecting salt systems.

kfinke posted this 19 April 2018

I placed my order for the above, thank you!  A few follow-up questions. 

1)   Does the SWG come with the bypass pipe?

2)    Should the SWG be mounted in the vertical position?  How come?  How important?  I say there was a kit that provides that.

3)   Is  there any sort of riser for the control panel of the SWG?  Or do I look into fashioning my own?

InyoRob posted this 19 April 2018

1) It does not come with a bypass pipe.

2) The cell can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Keep in mind that the flow switch needs 12" of straight pipe before the switch.

3) We do not carry any type of riser for the control panel. You'd have to create your own.