New Salt Cell Woes

  • Last Post 24 July 2018
JohnCampbell posted this 14 May 2018

i recently purchased a replacement cell for my Hayward Aqua Rite Salt system.  I purchased the In Yo Pool Brand Aqua Pure replacement for my T-15 cell. When I first installed it, the salt readling was very high, 5600,  I then realized that the cell size had changed to T-3 on the Hayward system.  I made the switch to T-15 and the salt level dropped to 3.  Th instant salt reading was 0 and is now 2.6.  My pool was healthy but is now turning green.  It appears the salt reading is in metric but the poll temp is fahrenheit.  Now the system does not appear to be generating any chlorine.  Are there other settings i need to change, adjust, check since installing the new cell.  i have never changed the cell in the past and there were no instructions in the box with the new cell.

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InyoRob posted this 15 May 2018

Hello John - The average salt level should be reset when you install a new cell. 

zaralad posted this 24 July 2018

The pool store checked my salt level and it is 3400. The control displays -1000 as instant salt on the Aquarite T-15 cell. The unit says 3400 and generating chlorine, no other lights are on. The cell is 7 years old but it has been used only 4 months a season. I have cleaned the cell, inspected it and it looks really good.

The Goldline control shows 

78 F temp


2.68 current


and firmware vers 1.4

After 30 minutes of running the display shows -900 as instant salt, 3400 as average  and the Generating light is still on.

After another 30 minutes the instant salt falls to 0, the current is 0, the average salt is 3400 and the Generating light is still on. No other lights are on.

Something is definitely wrong either with my control board or the cell.

Any ideas?