New House, Old Pool, Previous owner jerry-rigged everything.

  • Last Post 22 August 2022
flyoffacliff posted this 19 May 2019

Just moved into a new house with a large (about 35k gallons, based on my measurements) Aqua Leader AG pool, about 10 years old I think. The previous owner had all the equipment jerry-rigged, and chemicals were stored wrong. I showed the pool store guy this picture of the equipment and he flipped out about the way they had a top-discharge pump connected to a D.E. filter like that. He recommended connecting the pump and cartridge filter on the right. Which is currently unused. Is the way they have the plumbing done really a big deal? And the equipment sitting on the ground instead of a plastic base?

I bought a replacement pressure gauge for the D.E. filter to be installed where they put the plastic plug. And what is all that orange goop where the hose goes into the D.E. filter? Is there anyway to get it off? It's supposed to be a 1 1/2" NPT connection I think. I would like to add a 3-way diverter between the pump and filter, so I can connect a hose and "vacuum to waste". And maybe a ball valve where the return eyeball is, for maintenance.

At the moment, I am using 3" Tri-clor tablets in a floating thing, and I have a Taylor test kit. Pool guy said they thing sitting on the ground in left of the filter is for mineral cleaning or something, but missing parts. Also, the pump in use is only 3/4 HP, isn't that kind of small for a pool this size? I would like to add a heat pump eventually, which probably means all equipment and plumbing is too small, right?

Also, why is the wall with the skimmer and return mounted to it like a different material than the rest? At least the liner is in good condition.

Thanks for any help.

Namideev posted this 22 August 2022

I think you should call a pool specialist and not do it yourself.