Bought a new filter and multiport valve.  The valve connections are backwards from what I have so I need to plumb the pump to the left side (see picture) of the valve.  Thinking about using flex PVC to make it gentle, it would otherwise require 4 90s at least.

First, thoughts on this approach?

While I am at it, I also want to put a check valve before the pump so that the pump doesn't always drain back to the pool and stress the pump on priming.

Do I need a check valve like they have there at the inlet side to the multiport valve?  Seems useless and I am going to redo right back to the pump and delete the cleaner line and associated crap you see to the right.


I was thinking rigid pipe to a union to flex pvc from the pump.  My return that runs through the heater would also be redone for better flow.

Overall this seems like the best approach to me.but wanted to ask here if I have missed something?


1) thought on check valves, delete the one at the valve and add one before the pump?

2)flex PVC as opposed to some hard pipe gymnastics?

I think the flow may well be improved and thus make the new pump more efficient.


Thanks in advance.