We have a 27-foot diameter Home & Roam pool, which was installed in June 1993.

 I was wondering if you sell replacement parts for this above-ground  steel pool. Or if you can recommend someone who does.

 The top rails and top caps are badly rusted. I removed them all a few years ago, ground off all the sharp edges on each section, then sanded and repainted everything. That got us through a couple more seasons, but the rust is back. My wife has cut pool noodles lengthwise and wrapped them over the inside edge of each section to protect us from sharp edges and keep bits of rust from dropping into the water.

Because of the age of the pool, I'm concerned that the parts I can't see (the base track?) also may be badly corroded. Though not exposed to chlorinated water, I expect all that also may be badly corroded, just from being in the ground so long. 

 I'll be grateful for any expert (and frank) advice you can give me about the fate of this pool.  Might be less expensive to just remove it.

Thank you very much for whatever help you can give. 

Randy Kraft