My HeatPump not turning ON after a 6 months been off in FL

  • Last Post 14 October 2020
alanCalima3 posted this 12 October 2020

I have installed a 460933 UltraTemp 120 on my pool, but during the pandemia, I decided to shut it off from the main breaker so no current was going to feed my heat-pump.Last week I tried to get back my pool in service, but the unit doesn't turn on, even all the other LCD panel info is showing all the information on the control panel, but the green light power still off. I already flushed the Heat pump twice, hopping that a sensor or switch could be the reason, but still the same. I don't have access to a Technical service close by, and I had have to fix, install and do the maintenance by myself. Can you guide me on how to proceed? Maybe a blow fuse somewhere? Thanks

InyoRob posted this 14 October 2020

Hello Alan - We'd be glad to assist you. If I'm understanding this correctly, the LCD on the control panel is on and you can see the display but the heat pump (fan and compressor) is not turning on? Are there any error messages on the screen? Do you have the valves set so water is running through the heat pump?