My Cleaner needs a new pump

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RonC1464 posted this 21 April 2022

 Can you assist in finding a replacement motor for this one?

Existing motor label

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InyoRich posted this 21 April 2022

Hi Ron, this Booster Pump Replacement Motor - B625 will be a perfect replacement for your booster pump motor.  Let us know what the pump model is so we can recommend a new motor shaft seal so it stays leak-free for a long time.  

RonC1464 posted this 22 April 2022

 Here's what I have for a pump on that motor:

Pump LabelPump Pic

InyoRich posted this 22 April 2022

Those pictures are perfect, Ron - thank you!  The straight spines on the volute identify that as the Polaris Booster Pump PB4-60 (1994-2011) so we would recommend this Pump Shaft Seal 5/8" - PS-1000 (or the Pump Shaft Seal - Heavy Duty - PS-3865 if you have a saltwater pool) and a new O-ring, Bracket To Volute (258) O-Ring since they tend to get compressed over the years.  

For this pump, we recommend putting a small bead of RTV silicone cement on the motor shaft seal and some lubricant on the o-ring.  Check out our guide on How To Change The Shaft Seal On A Polaris PB4-60 Booster Pump for some helpful tips.