• Last Post 25 August 2021
Midgett posted this 24 August 2021

Difference between power boost and dichlor shock?

InyoRob posted this 25 August 2021

We couldn't find Power Boost but we sell a shock called Power Blast. Power Blast is a cal-hypo shock. The cal-hypo shock is not stabilized. That means it does not add cyanuric acid to the pool. Too much cyanuric acid can be a bad thing.

Di-chlor on the other hand is stabilized. This is a good thing if your pool has little to no cyanuric acid (CYA/stabilizer). CYA acts as a sunscreen for chlorine.

My suggestion would be to test your CYA level and then go with the shock based on that result. If the CYA level is over 40ppm, I'd go with cal-hypo shock or a liquid shock. If it is under 40ppm, you'd be safe with di-chlor.