I'm not sure what's going on with our inground pool this summer. The PH and alkalinity are perfect. We also have an inline chlorinator that we have tablets in, and it is set to the 2 position.

Here is the issue: the last three times I have shocked the pool, the water turns milky white and does not clear up until the clorine levels drop to where I have to shock it again. One of our pool supply dealers suggested that it is the shock killing an algae bloom that is causing the algea to die and turn white. I'm beginning to believe that is not the case here since it has happened three times now and I have been using algaecide to compliment the shock/chlorine in keeping this from happening.

I have double shocked the pool to try and be sure I am killing all algae. I have tried adding a drop solution to the pool, but the white doesn't go away. I have used blueing, but the white stays put. When I backwash it looks like milk.

Is it actually algae? Or is there something else going on?

Thanks for any help.