Lower pH - Liquid or Granuls

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YosemiteSam posted this 11 September 2016

I have been using Muriatic Acid to lower pH in my pool. It looks like using one of the Granular products may be less expensive and potentially safer. Can I just make the switch one day without any "transition" issues?

InyoAlan posted this 12 September 2016

Hello Yosemite Sam,

Muriatic Acid is going to be the most cost effective option to reduce the pH and Alkalinity levels in your pool. There are no special considerations to take when transitioning from liquid to granular pH adjusters. When adding Muriatic Acid to your pool, always add it by measuring out the recommended amount you need to reduce the pH reading to the desired level and add it to the deep end of your pool near the return jets. Muriatic Acid is heavier than water and will sink to the bottom of the pool so we would NOT recommend adding Muriatic Acid in approximate "glugs" directly from the bottle or directly in the skimmer. Pool pH Decreaser does not have a caustic smell. You would need to add just over one pound of Pool pH Decreaser per 10,000 gallons to decrease the pH level from 8.0-7.8 to 7.6-7.4. You can click on the product page to view additional information on the pH reduction levels. Thanks for the question.