Low water flow at pump

  • Last Post 02 April 2017
WalterSI posted this 01 April 2017

 My  water flow to the pump/motor is too low.  It doesn't fill the pump area looking through the clear cover.  The motor doesn't seem to be making any noise, so bearing seem to be fine.  It their is a noise it ever so slight that I couldn't image it impeding the flow much, if any.  I opened the sand filter to see if there was anything impeding the flow.  I have tried to snake the skim line (no success) and even tried plunging it with a plunger to see if I could bust anything loose.  I am about to buy another motor from INYO, but wanted to get a sanity check on it possiblly being a clogged line.  Thanks.


InyoRob posted this 02 April 2017

WalterSI - The first thing I would look for is a suction side air leak. Check out our guide titled "How to Identify and Correct Air Leaks". Also, check the impeller and make sure it's not damaged.

Another issue could be the plumbing in front of the pump. The pump might not be able to fully prime if there are too many elbows near the intake. Check out the video below.