Low water flow and higher pressure

  • Last Post 30 March 2020
Artlicht posted this 30 March 2020

Noticed that my waterfall wasn't working.  Checked the pump and pressure and noticed the pressure was 5psi higher than normal.  Removed the cartridge filter and retried.  There was no change.  No change to any valve position.

After the filter, the water flows to a heater, then to an in-line chlorinator.  After that it flows back to the pool.  Closing the return valve allows the waterfall to work.  

wondering how to troubleshoot the loss of flow and increase of pressure


Inyohector posted this 30 March 2020

Good afternoon. It may be that the filter cartridge is beginning to go bad. It may need to be deep cleaned with a soak a few hours to over night or replaced. I would test the system with no cartridge inside. If the water pressure to the waterfalls returns then you know it was the cartridge.