Light Bulb Replacement

  • Last Post 06 July 2022
sec1jrs posted this 28 February 2021

Hello everyone,

        I am looking to replace both my SPA (burned out) and Pool lights (stuck on one color).  I need some assistance on the replacement bulb that I need.   My pool and spa was built in 2005.  The paperwork I have indicates a Pentair SAM lights SPA (100W) and Pool (500W).  I would like to switch them to LED if possible with minor changes.  Otherwise, I am okay with just replacing the bulbs with the same exact ones.    But I am not sure what bulb will work with my system.  12V or 120V.   What kind of connection do I need?  Is it similar to a flood light or does it have a 2-prong socket.  My goal is to have the correct part before I start the project.

 Thank you,

RubeSawer posted this 06 July 2022

Hey man, I have to say you're quite lucky to own a pool and a spa! Sounds like a dream life, lol. Anyway, if I were you, I would definitely seek some professional assistance to minimize any risk. I can imagine that replacing spa and pool lights is not as easy as replacing a small lightbulb at home, so you should be particularly careful. If you need to replace your bulbs with something cooler, my suggestion is this smart strip light I've got one for my car, and I'm quite happy with it.